A whisper in the dark night sky, something intangible and free, an enigma shifts in the darkness. She is untouchable, a mystery to all, a figment of your imagination, the stuff of dreams and shadows. Draped in ebony leather, glimmering gems, liquid silver, heavy metal sequins amd silk, she slides in and out of focus, the only trace she leaves is the tell-tale scent of deadly nightshade lingering in the cool night air.

She cuts and intriguing figure, wrapped tight in black, sliced low and framed with tarnished metals. She creates a stir wherever she goes, her presence is felt before it is seen.

No one knows where she came from, or to where she disappears, this creature of the night. Following her instincts, she is not one of the pack, she dances to her own beat. She is a contradiction, delicate yet tough, razor sharp yet crystal sheer. As she weaves between the shadows, mirror reflections and shards of glitter glisten, giving her away.

As night encloses she feels the weight of her dagger against her thigh and with a glint in her eye the hunted turns to become the hunter.